Customer Service Assistant

Fitzcarraldo Editions is looking for a temporary freelance Customer Service Assistant to provide efficient and effective support for our ecommerce business. Responsibilities involve processing website orders, managing the subscriber database and mailings, responding to and resolving customer queries, and liaising with distributors. The role requires someone with excellent written and verbal skills, exceptional organisational skills, and the ability to work independently.

This is a freelance position paid £13 per hour. The position requires 10-15 flexible hours each week. This role is remote though will require some initial in-person training in our office in Deptford, south-east London.

Please submit a covering letter and CV to by Wednesday, 25 January.

Thea Lenarduzzi’s DANDELIONS Book Tour

8 September – Dandelions Book Launch at the South London Gallery, Peckham. Please RSVP to

22 September – At Outwith Books, Glasgow.

27 September – In conversation with Anna Coatman at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds.

29 September – In conversation with Kaye Mitchell at Blackwell’s Manchester.

30 September – In conversation with Jess White at the West Kirby Bookshop, the Wirral. Please email to book your tickets.

26 October – In conversation with Giorgia Tolfo at Review Bookshop, Peckham.

Independent Bookshop List

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week, we asked some of our authors what their favourite independent bookshops are:

Daisy Hildyard, Interesting Books

Interesting Books is a small space on a narrow street in the far north of England, not far from the border with Scotland. It’s in a town, not a city. The range of books is considered, mostly contemporary publishing from interesting independent presses: whoever chooses the books there clearly loves to read. When I went in, the man behind the desk was chatting with the other customers, it felt welcoming.  

Vanessa Onwuemezi, Brick Lane Books

Brick Lane Books has a unique selection of literature within which I always find something to surprise me. And now the staff there run an increasingly important short story prize. It’s in a part of London close to my heart, as I spent some of my teenage years on Brick Lane while there was still a music scene there, rubbing shoulders with my favorite musicians and yet to discover new ones.

Joanna Pocock, The Broadway Bookshop

Walking into The Broadway Bookshop in Hackney is an inoculation against the world of algorithms, against the power of faceless AI and Big Tech that dictates ‘if you liked that, then you might like this’. Independent bookshops are part of the landscape that allows for a healthy literary ecosystem. I have lost track of the number of books I have read and loved that have been recommended to me by Tom or Janie or any of the people working in The Broadway Bookshop. I visit as much for the books as I do for the conversations I have with the people who work there. My life would be so much poorer without it.

Katharina Volckmer, Lutyens & Rubinstein

My favourite indie bookshop is Lutyens & Rubinstein. I feel a rush of solidarity every time I see the name which must get misspelled just as often as my own. It’s the bookshop that’s closest to my work and I love going there during my lunch breaks, stare at new covers and fantasise about a life that could be spent just reading books. And I also love listening to Claire’s very honest opinions about the latest publications which helps me manage my own unmanageable reading list.

Indie Twinning Week, Toppings & Company Booksellers of Edinburgh

For indie twinning week we are delighted to partner with Toppings & Company Booksellers of Edinburgh. This beautiful bookshop, housed in a William Playfair building, holds a wonderfully varied selection of fiction and non-fiction. The booksellers are knowledgeable and passionate – you are bound to leave the shop with a book you didn’t know you wanted.

All the independent bookshops listed on this page are open for online orders.


International retailers accepting orders of The Naked Don’t Fear The Water


Amazon India


Kinokuniya Singapore


Kinokuniya Thailand


Shakespeare & Co


Galignani Bookstore


Desperate Literature


Books Upstairs


Waterstones Brussels 


De Groene Waterman


Mladinska Knijiga Trgovina








Knygynas Eureka!


Dussmann English Bookshop


Athenaeum Boekhandel 

Upsalla, The Uppsala English Bookshop


Soderbokhandeln Hansson & Bruce



Aotearoa New Zealand:

Unity Books

Daisy Hildyard’s EMERGENCY Book Tour

20 April – Daisy Hildyard in conversation with Alice Tarbuck at Portobello Bookshop, Edinburgh

4 May – Daisy Hildyard in conversation with Stu Hennigan at Wetherby Library

5 May – Daisy Hildyard at Truman Books, Leeds

11 May – Daisy Hildyard in conversation with Katharine Kilalea at Foyles, Charing Cross

17 May – Daisy Hildyard in conversation with Samantha Walton at Bookhaus, Bristol

25 May – Daisy Hildyard at Outwith Books, Glasgow.

16 June – Reading at Bold Tendencies with Matthew McNaught.

27 August – Daisy Hildyard at Edinburgh International Book Festival. Link tbc.

Matthieu Aikins’ THE NAKED DON’T FEAR THE WATER Book Tour

Matthieu Aikins by Kiana Hayeri 2021

22 March – Matthieu Aikins in conversation with Jon Lee Anderson at Reference Point

28 March – Matthieu Aikins in conversation with Sally Hayden and Jenny Lacey at Bristol Festival of Ideas

29 March – Matthieu Aikins Book Launch at ISHKAR

6 April – Evenings with an Author: Matthieu Aikins at American Library in Paris

9 April – Matthieu Aikins in conversation with Tamar de Waal at deBALIE in Amsterdam

11 April – Anthony Hyman Memorial Lecture 2022 at SOAS

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